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Our History: 1980 - 1989


Humanities Award winners: Michael Malone and Arnie Malina.

"The Last Best Place: Montana Myths" video.

The "pink bird" (fountain?) logo first appears.

"The Book Group."

"Constitutional Symposium '89: Montana's 1972 Constitution."


The Last Best Place is published.

"The Warrior: Formation, Transformation, Defamation."

"Feminism in the 90s: Learning from Our History, Envisioning Our Future."

Humanities Award winners: editorial board of The Last Best Place.

"A Festival of Chinese Culture."

"Learning the Habits of the Heart" radio series.


U. S. Constitution "Bicentennial Bookshelf."

"Sweet Grass and Bitter Root."

Cultural Congress in Billings.

Celebration of Fifteenth Anniversary.

"Images of the West: Fact, Fantasy, and Memory."

Humanities Award winner: Pat Williams.


Vigilante Players "Homespun."

"Crow and Gros Ventre Indian Ledger Art."

"Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering."

"The Changing Face of Humanity in the Nuclear Age."

Humanities Award winners: Mary Clearman Blew and Diane Sands.

Ron Perrin elected to Federation of State Humanities Councils board.


Humanities Awards: Gordon Brittan and Albert Borgmann.

"Distant Voices: Words and Images of the Blackfeet."

"Let's Talk About It."

"Bach in Bozeman: From Musicology to Mathematics."

"My Grandmother's Star Quilt Honors Me."

First grant for Centennial literary anthology.

"Contrary Warriors."

Margaret Kingsland on leave, heading the Federation of State Humanities Councils…Annick Smith serves as acting director in 1985-86.


Planning commences for MCH involvement in Montana Centennial and for a "Montana Myths" theme.

"Summer Seminars for Montana Secondary School Teachers."

"Montana Myths: Sacred Stories, Sacred Cows."

First Montana Humanist Awards: Richard Roeder and Lynda and Michael Sexson.

"LOGON '83" wins Federation's Schwartz Award for best regrant program nationally.

First catalog of MCH media collection appears.

Gerald Fetz acting director.

MCH office partially automated.


MCH celebrates Tenth Anniversary, May 14, in Helena. First Speakers Bureau brochure, with thirteen presenters.

Minigrants offered.

Planning and media grant categories identified.

"A. B. Guthrie's Vanishing Paradise."

"Jeannette Rankin: The Woman Who Voted No."

"The Economics and the Myth."

MCH purchases first computer.

Gerald Fetz elected to Federation of State Humanities Councils board.

"Reflections in Montana" debut.


Continuing New Directions discussion.

Biennial proposal to NEH first announces "packaged programs" and a "speakers bureau."

"Butte: The Urban Frontier."

"Reflections in Montana" radio series proposal wins NEH "Chairman's Award for Excellence"…Vigilante Players' "An American Agricultural Experience."


Significant federal budget reductions and leadership changes at NEH impact state humanities councils…Committee undertakes discussion and planning for "new directions."

Appointment of a New Directions subcommittee.

"Montanans at Work."

"Architecture and Community: A. J. Gibson's Missoula."


Conferences "Freedom To Die" and "Retelling One's Own: Indian Story-Telling in Education and World View," "Work in the Eighties," "Appropriate Technology: Its Implications, Its Values, Its Claims."

"Liberty, Decency, Feminism: Three Perspectives on Pornography," and the film "Next Year Country."