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Film & Digital Media Grants


AUG 20

Film and digital media grants award $8,000 - $10,000. Applications are due Aug. 20.

Before submitting an application, please read the grant guidelines. They contain important details about the application process and requirements. Then discuss your project with Humanities Montana staff. We will confirm whether your proposal meets the basic criteria, and will help ensure you submit a competitive application. Humanities Montana staff can guide you through the online application process, answer questions, review drafts, offer recommendations, and generally help you develop the strongest application possible. Consultation is required for film and digital media grants.

Applications can be submitted online any time. However, the Humanities Montana board reviews film and digital media applications and awards grants only once each year at the board meeting following the August 20 deadline.

The board reviews applications and awards grants on a competitive basis. It assesses proposals based on humanities content and participation by humanities scholars in planning and/or implementation of projects.

We encourage proposals that stimulate statewide dialogue on humanities topics, foster discussion between humanities scholars and the public, strengthen cooperative relationships among communities and cultural organizations (museums, libraries, schools, tribal organizations, etc.), and enrich civic discourse among the state's diverse cultures and across its geographical distances.

Humanities Montana only awards film and digital media grants to organizations, not individuals. Eligible sponsoring organizations are listed in the grant guidelines.