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Hometown Humanities - 2018-19 Application

Hometown Humanities brings a year’s worth of humanities-based programming to a single community—15 to 40 events, all FREE OF CHARGE and open to the public, selected from Humanities Montana’s extensive program catalog. Humanities Montana staff works with the selected community to design a schedule that includes public speakers from our Montana Conversations and Speakers-in-the-Schools programs, community conversations on local issues, reading discussion groups, and an array of other possibilities.

The aim of Hometown Humanities is to support the particular cultural interests of a Montana community, and to explore the capacity of the humanities to enrich lives, foster inquiry, and stimulate civil and informed conversations about the human experience. We like to get people talking—sometimes about challenging and sensitive subjects—in ways that broaden perspectives and bring people together.

Hometown Humanities is a group effort. It requires a leadership team of 8-12 local people from libraries, schools, museums, businesses, government, media, etc. Together, these leaders work with Humanities Montana staff to select the year’s slate of events, decide how Hometown Humanities can enhance existing or upcoming cultural programs, provide logistical support, promote upcoming events, and assess what works and what doesn’t along the way.

Who is eligible to apply: Representatives from any community with a population under 20,000. We define community as a town or group of small towns in close proximity, reservation, or colony and are open to other possibilities. Whatever it’s make-up, the community must be willing to make Hometown Humanities programs available to the general public. Collaboration is so essential that we require co-applicants from two equally invested local organizations (e.g. a librarian and a school teacher, a local business owner and a museum employee, a health & human services worker and a member of the chamber of commerce, etc.). In section 3 of the application you’ll identify more individuals and organizations who might lend their support.

Please respond to the following questions fully but succinctly. Your application will be evaluated based on your community’s stated need for humanities-based programming, its capacity to host and promote events, the range and commitment of local supporters, and your town’s geographic location relative to previous Hometown Humanities sites.

Contact Program Director Kim Anderson via email or at 406-243-6022 if you have any questions about the application process.