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Montana Conversations

Montana Conversations offers over 100 programs on topics like history, Native American culture, literature, and public affairs. We have selected speakers after a careful review process, in order to assure the highest quality.

Announcing a new catalog of speakers: Our Current State is a set of programs that address the big issues Montana faces, including topics like immigration, the environment, prejudice, and veterans’ experiences.

Your group or community is welcome to browse our catalog and book speakers directly, using your own funds to pay their fees.

- OR -

You can apply for a program funded by Humanities Montana using our easy online application.

How To Apply

NOTE: applications should be submitted AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS before the date of the proposed program.

  1. First, contact the speaker directly to see if he or she is available. Please do this at least four weeks in advance of the proposed date. Contact info for each speaker can be found in the Montana Conversations catalog.
  2. Fill out the online application. Humanities Montana requests a $75 copayment which can be made with a credit card online, or by mailed check.
  3. Keep a record of the names, hours, and value of volunteer time. This information is required in the online final report due two weeks after your program occurs.
  4. Wait for Humanities Montana acknowledgement of support, usually about a week after we receive your application. Funding is limited and not all requests are approved.