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Montana's Poet Laureate

with Earl Craig

Montana poet laureate, farrier

Comparing his work to that of Mark Twain and Will Rogers, Matthew Zapruder (of University of California Riverside) writes of Craig’s poems that they "bring something new to American literature. The landscape of his poetry is...the American West: it is full of mountains, giant weather, horses, farms, small town life, and so on. But these elements, so familiar to our imagination, are reconfigured and skewed (albeit lovingly) into odd, even at times absurdist and surreal, configurations." Dara Wier (of University of Massachusetts MFA for Poets and Writers) writes: "He represents a perfect combination of so many of the things poetry exists to do: honor humanity, honor place and time, honor the dead, console the living, entertain us, delight us, and lend us hopes and dreams." Craig will share his work and answer questions afterward.