Essential Understandings Regarding Montana Indians – Kim Quigley


Irving Elementary School

Location 2



Nov 01 2022


2:15 pm - 3:00 pm



Essential Understandings Regarding Montana Indians – Kim Quigley

Find an Indian Education for All (IEFA) interest and reading/writing area for your classroom curriculum, from non-fiction writing and memoirs to research, narratives, and storytelling. Classroom teachers in grades K–12 can work with Kim Quigley to create a program that aligns Essential Understandings Regarding Montana Indians with their classroom interests, Common Core Standards, and reading and writing workshop methodology. Quigley introduces Native American literature, poetry or current issues to help students be strategic and metacognitive writers. IEFA subjects may include:

  • Pictographs, Petroglyphs, and Poetry
  • Indian Boarding Schools
  • The Sheep Eaters of the Yellowstone
  • The Legend of the Bitterroot
  • Memoirs: Indians Past and Present
  • Stories of the Buffalo
  • And more…

Quigley visits with teachers before the workshop to develop a plan that includes pre- and post-lesson materials for the classroom. She provides assessment checklists to help students with self-efficacy. She works with teachers to help students empathize with and understand historical and contemporary Montana Indians.

Let’s brainstorm together to find an IEFA interest and Reading/Writing area for your classroom curriculum. Is it non-fiction writing, memoirs, research, narratives or story-telling, to name a few? I can also provide assessment checklists to help your students with self-efficacy. Let’s travel this Native American path together, helping your students empathize and understand historical and contemporary needs of Montana Indians. I hope to hear from you soon.

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