Montana Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ History


Roosevelt Center
Roosevelt Center, Red Lodge, MT

Location 2

Red Lodge


Aug 12 2021


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm



Montana Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ History

Long before colonization deemed them an abomination, non-binary/trans people were highly respected within many Indigenous tribes across the Americas. Collectively referred to as two spirits, they were not only celebrated for their uniqueness but considered essential to ceremonies and tribes’ very spiritualities. Unfortunately, trans people today more often live under a dark cloud of prejudice. Adrian Jawort leads a conversation about what American society can learn from Indigenous peoples about acceptance and respect of two spirits people. Jawort talks about the history of two-spirit people in Montana and present-day two-spirit experiences in order to create a path forward for all LGBTQ2S folks.

The event is finished.