Hearth Pairings


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Learn more about Hearth: A Global Conversation on Community, Identity, and Place edited by Annick Smith and Susan O’Connor.

About Hearth

The anthology Hearth is a collection of essays, stories, poems and art with a common theme. As you have time to read, you’ll enjoy each piece and begin to see connections. Some ideas that come up multiple times are nature, technology, migration, and our sense of home and place. 

Suggestions for Pairing Readings:

  1. The Rent Not Paid” by Kavery Nambisan & “The Great Big Rickety World My Father Saved Me From” by Debra Magpie Earling

  1. Enchantment” by Andrew Lam & “Home is Elsewhere” by Boey Kim Cheng

  2. Codex Hogar” by Luis Alberto Urrea & “Home Waters” by Sara Baume

  1. My Mobile Home” by Pico Iyer & “Heaarth” by Bill McKibben

  1. Finding the Hearth” by Barry Lopez & “To Live” by Gretel Ehrlich
  2. Kilauea Caldera, My Hearth” by Pualini Kanahele & “Soul on the Tide” by Carl Safina

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