Bold Women in Montana History

Program Description

What does it mean to be bold? Beth Judy shares selected stories of the 15+ women in her book, Bold Women in Montana History, to see how some of our Montana foremothers harnessed their own boldness. These women overcame challenges, thought outside the box, adventured, nurtured, built community, and fought. Their stories can inspire and lead us in thinking about our challenges today. These women include Blackfeet warrior Running Eagle; African American homesteader and army cook Annie Morgan; Crow grandmother, author, and culture keeper Pretty Shield; Jeannette Rankin; Butte’s Women’s Protective Union; actress Myrna Loy; rodeo stars Alice & Marge Greenough; Montana state librarian Alma Jacobs; modern artist and rancher Isabelle Johnson; writers Belle and Frieda Fligelman; and accountant and activist Elouise Cobell.

Presenter Bio

Beth Judy is an author and freelance writer, originally from Chicago she moved to Missoula in 1992. Researching and writing her book Bold Women in Montana History was a dream come true, since she loves Montana history and women’s history. Beth Judy is also host and producer of The Plant Detective, a locally produced and nationally syndicated program, which airs on Montana Public Radio As a freelance writer, she has written for Montana Magazine and Prairie Home Companion, among other publications and radio venues. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Montana and has also worked in public health, the arts, public radio and publishing.


Beth Judy
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