Connecting with Folk Tales and Fables

Program Description

Great adventures begin with “once upon a time,” everyone knows that much. But some of the greatest adventures begin, “Did I ever tell you about that time. . .” Listening to stories and telling our own fosters connection, thought, and real life application of timeless truths. Mo Reynolds is a professional storyteller who weaves folk tales with personal narratives, drawing connections along the way and inviting listeners to be a part of the story. The performance element is followed by a workshop experience, helping students learn the art of telling a well-known story, then exploring the themes of the story and finding application in something from their own lives. Storytelling builds confidence and poise, which is valuable in its own right. But, when you add the element of connecting a story from your own life with a story that has been around for the ages, it also fosters connection in the classroom and community, and enhances a student’s ability to connect with all the stories they will read or hear in the future. This performance workshop can work for all students. Mo creates shows suited for all grade levels, and every age has a story to tell!

Presenter Bio

Mo Reynolds has been telling stories for many years, just ask her parents! She has been performing for audiences since 2016. She was a librarian for two years, delighting students weekly with folk tales, myths, stories from literature, and inspiring records from real life. She has performed in schools, festivals, backyards, and living rooms across Montana, Idaho, Washington, Utah, and all the way to Florida. After being a showcase teller for two years, she was invited to be a featured storyteller at the Florida Storytelling Festival in 2020. Mo recently earned the Diamonds in the Dust Diamond Award Scholarship in 2020 to help build her YouTube channel, where she posts storytelling episodes to spread the art to a broad audience around the world.


Mo Reynolds
Storyteller, Speaker, Educator