Dance, Dance, Dance

Program Description

Weaving together movement and history, Mark Matthews teaches students community dances like squares, contras and circles or couples dances like the jitterbug, waltz, two-step and foxtrot while explaining the history behind the dances. He focuses on how Native American, European and African styles of dance and music blended together to form America’s unique popular culture. Dancing encourages eye contact, is a way to playfully interact, and teaches respectful physical contact in a setting that includes both genders. Like sports, dancing improves physical coordination and cardiovascular health, as well as relieving tension and strengthening social bonds.

At the end of Matthew’s intensive workshops with students, community members are often invited to public dances in the evening where children share their new skills and knowledge with parents and friends.

Presenter Bio

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Mark Matthews
Writer, historian, dance caller/instructor, officer with the Missoula Folklore Society, writing instructor at The University of Montana College of Technology