Media Literacy in an Age of Fake News

Program Description

Fake news: It’s a term thrown around so frequently and indiscriminately that it’s nearly meaningless. Is it just news that you don’t like? Or a deliberate attempt to mislead? And, with so many news sources in print, on the air and online, how do you know which are trustworthy? Missoulian editor Gwen Florio has worked four decades in the news business, including as a Denver-based national correspondent for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and in war zones for the Denver Post, as well as a stint as an adjunct professor in the University of Montana’s School of Journalism. This program will examine the difference between traditional objective reporting and the rise of opinion-based outlets, and will provide fact-checking tools for when you’re in doubt about the information presented.

Presenter Bio

Florio is an award-winning journalist whose work has taken her all over the nation and world, including several conflict zones. She has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in journalism. She is also an award-winning author. Her work includes the Lola Wicks mysteries and most recently, Silent Hearts.


Gwen Florio
Author, Journalist