Mountain Spirits: The Sheep Eater Indians of Yellowstone

Program Description

Many groups of native peoples visited or lived in the area during prehistoric and historic times. Primary among them was the Shoshone group called the Tukudika, or Sheep Eaters, who maintained a rich and abundant way of life closely related to their primary source of protein, the mountain sheep of the high-altitude Yellowstone area. We observe the Tukudika way of life before and after European occupation. We write our own story comparing their lives with our own lives using memoir techniques.

Presenter Bio

Kim Quigley has been a Montana educator since 1981 and has always incorporated historical and contemporary Native Peoples’ lives into her curriculum.  She has taught students from age two to college age in the past 44 years as a speech therapist, classroom teacher, librarian, speech and drama teacher, principal and as an educational coach. Since 2015 she has written and presented curriculum for Indian Education for All and incorporated it into Montana’s adopted common core.


Kim Quigley