Philosophy: A Way of Life and Public Good

Program Description

Philosophy is often deemed impractical, inaccessible, and irrelevant to our everyday lives. It is also frequently characterized as an activity that only specialists can do. This program is an attempt to uproot these characterizations and reveal an alternate representation of philosophy as a practical endeavor, a way of life, and a public good. Interactive and dynamic, this program is geared for community members of all ages interested in learning more about philosophy as a way of life, why it is (and should be) a resource for everyone, and how it can inspire, transform, and enrich our lives.

Presenter Bio

Marisa Diaz Waian is the founder and executive director of Merlin CCC, a Helena-based philosophy nonprofit – and an adjunct philosophy (ethics) instructor at Carroll College.


Marisa Diaz-Waian
Philosopher, executive director Merlin CCC
(406) 439-5788