The Role of Alternative Media and Community Involvement

Program Description

Independent newspapers—and especially alt-weeklies—still rely on antiquated models for survival. As so many print newspapers are bought up or closed down, journalists across the country are looking for new models to revive independent media in small and mid-sized towns. Erika Fredrickson, former arts editor of the Missoula Independent, talks about the importance of independent news and how the closure of the Indy in September 2018 has led her former co-workers on a quest to find exciting and innovative way to bring independent print media back with the help of the community.

Presenter Bio

Erika Fredrickson is a freelance journalist. She was the arts editor at the Missoula Independent for 10 years and is working on reviving an alternative paper in Missoula. She is creating a podcast, Death in the West, about the unsolved murder of union organizer Frank Little in Butte in 1917. Fredrickson graduated from University of Montana’s creative writing program in 1999 and earned a master’s degree in environmental studies in 2009.


Erika Fredrickson
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