Trust Me

Program Description

Rosemary Smith, Managing Director of the Getting Better Foundation (GBF) based in Livingston, Montana presents, “Trust Me”, a documentary about our need for media literacy to navigate the news and online manipulation.  Directed by Oscar® nominated Roko Belic, “Trust Me” features stories where a lack of media and information literacy (MIL) led to crises, like Native American leaders reducing regional conflicts; Russian interference in American Democracy; vaccine misinformation; a young man’s lynching perpetuated by encrypted misinformation shared through WhatsApp; and educators using MIL tools to empower students. The stories filmed in “Trust Me” demonstrate how a lack of MIL has increased due to the speed of information and advancements of the internet.

“Trust Me” documents how humankind has coped with new media since the advent of the printing press. Journalists, Psychologists, Neurologists, and Media Literacy experts interviewed in “Trust Me” explain how human brains are wired to respond to information viewed on media platforms, and what people can do to lessen the physical and mental health effects.

As part of the program, Rosemary integrates film clips and/or the full feature film as a public presentation, followed by discussions using curriculum written by News Literacy Project. These workshops help foster awareness of MIL throughout Montana. Rosemary offers three distinct presentations to choose from:

  • Screening “Trust Me’s” one-hour edited for public television version of the film, followed by expert Q&A with audiences.
  • Showing two to three 3–10-minute educational clips from the film, including lessons from News Literacy Project’s K-12, Collegiate, Parental, or Student Guides where appropriate.
  • Hosting educator workshops using News Lit’s guides to help create a legacy of media literacy learning with students of participating teachers or librarians.

“Trust Me” programs have successfully led to furthering audience awareness of their need for critical thinking skills, best brought about by MIL, at U.S. Embassies, Universities, High Schools, Conferences, and Organizations globally. To book “Trust Me”, please reach out to Rosemary directly, choose a program presentation and schedule a date.

Presenter Bio

Rosemary Smith’s background began in broadcasting with ownership of FCC licensed radio stations serving dozens of communities throughout Michigan. Eagle Radio continued to practice the Fairness Doctrine until its sale in 2018. That’s where Rosemary began managing 501c3 GBF.  Rosemary believes the Fairness Doctrine’s approach to solutions-based journalism empowers citizens with civil discourse to hone critical thinking skills. Skills which empower citizens to make decisions best in line with their beliefs – like voting, taking care of health and that of their families, faith decisions, support of community events, educational opportunities, legal, tribal, public health, cultural, and entertainment opportunities.  Rosemary believes an enlightened community is more informed, healthier, and happier. Informative, yet responsible, caring media reporting leads to more peaceful engagements, fostering solutions to both local and global problems.


Rosemary Smith
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