Writing History

Program Description

A hundred years from now, what stories will be remembered? How will people then know what life was like today? If you’re in New York or L.A. there are media giants recording the daily news. The national stories and international troubles are laid out in detail. But for small towns, in places like rural Montana, the only people telling those stories, the ones who care, are local journalists at small town papers. Laura Nelson leads a conversation about how journalists of the past to help historians understand the events, reactions, and stories that were important in a community and how journalists today write the history future generations will use to understand who they are.

Presenter Bio

Laura Nelson is a freelance journalist currently writing a history of the state’s largest agricultural organization. She’s previously covered rural communities as an award-winning weekly newspaper editor and social media consultant.


Laura Nelson
Freelance agriculture journalist and photographer
(406) 932-3515