It was a memorable year. You gave your time, resources, and heart to our communities and created more impact than ever before. 

Take a look at what we did together. 


March 5, 2020, leadership from Humanities Montana Board of Directors and staff met with Montana’s Congressional delegation in Washington D.C.

Humanities Montana is guided by a dedicated board of directors and led by a passionate staff. With a combination of experience and perspective, Humanities Montana leadership works to ensure we achieve our mission to serve communities through stories and conversation.


Our mission is to serve communities through stories and conversation. We believe Montanans should have access to quality public humanities content that nurtures imagination and ideas.

Our focus did not waver in 2020. Amid a global pandemic, our goal was to continue to support Montana’s vital cultural infrastructure and connect Montanans.

The humanities are indispensable, so we extended the means by which we delivered our mission, rethinking how we interact with Montana.

Grants in 2020


Thanks in large part to the CARES Act, we refocused our granting process, regranting $537,311.90 to Montana’s cultural institutions, a 754% increase from last year.

Regrant Investment
Year by Year

Grants Awarded in Rural/Urban Communities

Evolving and Growing


We reached 77% of Montana’s counties in 2020 through regrants and programming


Organizations on 86% of Montana’s Indian reservations worked with Humanities Montana for grant opportunities or program initiatives.


Of the over 200 organizations that partnered with Humanities Montana in 2020, 21% were new partnerships.

Programming in 2020


In 2020 we launched virtual humanities, allowing Montanans to connect virtually to discuss topics like women in journalism, race and change in the United States, and the shifting political landscape of Montana.

Our programs—both virtual and in-person—had a total audience of 10,272.

Programs Delivered


Harlowton Milwaukee Depot Museum

Part of Humanities Montana’s goal is to support the invaluable work done by other cultural institutions, organizations, scholars, filmmakers, and leaders in our state. Wherever the human condition is examined, cooperative relationships are strengthened, civic discourse is enriched, and diverse stories are told, Humanities Montana strives to serve as a resource. We understand grants are important tools necessary to realize missions, effectively support communities, and drive stronger economies.

Humanities Montana awarded more than $537,311 to 129 organizations in 2020

A survey administered by Humanities Montana in April 2020 revealed:


of cultural institutions reported they were at risk of closure due to the pandemic last spring


of responding organizations needed emergency funds to support core operations


of cultural organizations surveyed were at risk of suspending direct programming


The goal of Humanities Montana programs has always been to connect Montanans through the humanities. Though this year provided unique challenges, we adjusted our delivery to ensure that Montanans would have access to engaging programming throughout 2020.

This year marked a reimagining of our work, shifting a number of programs to online platforms. We reached nearly 1/3 of our audience virtually, a first for us.

Browse our 2020 programs book to see how we expanded our traditional programming methods to keep Montanans connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Humanities Montana thanks the individuals, foundations, and organizations whose generous contributions and involvement sustain our work throughout the state.

Your investment ensures that we can continue to create high-quality, dynamic programming with wide-reaching engagement. With your support, we are confident that our mission—serving communities through stories and conversation—will remain strong now and into the future.

Every effort has been made to list all donors accurately. For inquires, corrections, or ways to give, please contact us at
sara.stout@humanitiesmontana.org or (406) 243-6022. 

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation The Chicago Community Foundation Caroline and Don Bitz
The Charles Engelhard Foundation Laura Mitchell Ross and John Ross Jan and David Dietrich
Joseph Sample Montana Cultural Trust Debbie Garland
    Susan Heyneman
$500 – $999 $250 – $499 Carla Homstad
Carol Bradley and Stephen M. L’Heureux Clyde and Carol Aspevig Jim and Liz McDonald
Margaret Davis and Bruce Ennis Vickie Christie and John Battaglia Carmen and Doug McSpadden
Jamie and Jock Doggett Barry Ferst Eric Sanders
Chris Hopkins Gerald Fetz and Jocelyn Siler
Susan and David Irion Lynda Grande $1-$99 continued
Mark Johnson and Sally Cummins Kirby Lambert and Becca Kohl Stella Fong
Precious McKenzie and Bill Stearns Montana State Fund Ben Hagyard
Mark and Tam Miller Aaron and Rachel M. Pruitt Brady Harrison
Michael and Traci Punke Vicki Sherouse Robert and Cynthia Harrison
Bernard Rose Dorothea Susag * Julie Ann Herak
Larry and Delores Tanglen Gregory Holt
$100 – $249 Randi Lynn Tanglen Molly Holz
Chuck and Lois Anderson Traci Isaly
Kim Anderson and Neil McMahon $100 – $249 continued Adrian Jawort
David Andrews Donald and Judy Mathre Shelley Johnson
Anonymous Elizabeth McNamer Deborah and Bill Jones
William Travis Biggs Marion Rosa William Kamowski
Mary Clearman Blew Bill Rossite Edrienne and James Kittredge
Bonnie Bowler James Shanley Judy Klein
Mandy Smoker Broaddus Corby Skinner Susan Kollin and Daniel Flory
Mark Browning Frederick Skinner Jenny Kunka
Dave Caserio Pamela Smith Maryvette Labrie
April Charlo Sara Stout Marianne Madler
Jan Clinard Jodi Todd Valerie Manne
Rita Collins Niki Whearty and James Reynolds William Marcus and Cynthia Fudge
Nancy Cook and Tom Berninghausen Jane Walsh Mark Matthews
Scott Crichton and Gwen Florio Jill Whiteman and Jerry Losing Mary and David Meissner
Patty Dean * Mardella Whitmore Leah Nahmias
Karen and Jon Driessen Janelle Zauha Susan Near
Ray Ekness Albert and Virginia Niccolucci
Doris Fischer $1 – $99 Aaron and Nann Parrett
Alvaro Freyre Stephenie Ambrose Tubbs Daniel Peters
Friends of the Butte Archives Anonymous Jane Peterson
Jeanette M. Fregulia * Joyce Appelbaum Kim Quigley
Walter and Barbara Gulick Kathy Bartlett Ruth Quintero
Joan Hoff Robert Bastasz Amy Sandeen
Pat Hale Joan Bird and Max Milton Rachel Sehestedt *
Jim Heckel Sally Bisch Lee and Nancy Silliman
Joan Hood MJ Bradbury Sheila and Hal Stearns
Raela Hulett Stan and Glenda Bradshaw Tom Stockburger
Doug James Jerry and Patricia Brekke Karen Stoltzfus
Chere Jiusto and Jim Robbins Darrell Brown and Maribeth Rothwell * Brenna Sundby
Bill and Anita Kearns Philip Burgess Ednor Therriault
Daniel Kemmis Eileen Carney David Thomas
Ashby and Amy F. Kinch Jennifer Davis Sally Thompson
Thomas and Katie Kotynski Cherilyn DeVries Dr. Jane Van Dyk
Melissa Kwasny Rudolf and Carol Dietrich Jill Whiteman
Bonnie Lambert Erin Ebeling Laura Wright
Dick and Jan Littlebear Donna Faber Dan Yang

IN HONOR OF                                                                     IN MEMORY OF


Scott Crichton                                                                            Brian Kahn

    Laura Mitchell Ross and John Ross                                           Kim Anderson

    Susan and David Irion

    Eric Sanders                                                                              Annette Kolodny    

                                                                                                          Randi Lynn Tanglen

Former Humanities Montana leadership                             Daniel Peters

    Sally Thompson

                                                                                                      Bill Moriarty

Humanities teachers                                                                    Dr. Jane Van Dyk

    Carol Reifschneider

                                                                                                      Andrew Morrell

Joseph Sample                                                                              Debbie Garland

    Susan and Dave Irion

                                                                                                    Lee Rostad

Mark Sherouse                                                                                Bonnie Bowler

    Rachel Sehestedt                                                                        Gregg Holt

                                                                                                           Susan Near

 Randi Lynn Tanglen                                                                              

    Eric Sanders                                                                             “my brother Dennis, niece Erin, and                                                                       

                                                                                                      nephews Dave and Rich” 

Water                                                                                                 Kim Quigley           

    Tracy Isalay                                                                                          

                                                                                                     Nicholas Vrooman and Edwin Dobb

1972 SOCIETY                                                                          Patty Dean*

    Bernard Rose                                                                                                        

                                                                                                    Tam Wheeler

                                                                                                           Jennifer Davis



Recurring donors are indicated by *       



Humanities Montana is proud to report another year of strong support from our contributors. Donations enable us to serve Montana’s communities and ensure we can continue to deliver sustainable, high-quality humanities programming. As we look ahead to growth and a return to in-person gatherings, we remain committed to responsible stewardship of the financial resources with which we have been entrusted.



*Statement of financial position at October 31, 2020. This position represents the fiscal year dates for Humanities Montana of November 1, 2019 – October 31, 2020.