Bridging the Worlds – Buck Hitswithastick


Missouri Headwaters State Park
1585 Trident Rd, Three Forks, MT 59752

Location 2

Three Forks


Aug 12 2023


7:00 pm



Bridging the Worlds – Buck Hitswithastick

The Selis Qlispe Culture Committee once stated that: “We seek to guard and protect the culture and language of our ancestors so that it will not end or be lost.” “Bridging the Worlds addresses this concern as a knowledge-based discussion centered on Salish-Bitterroot history and experience, which focuses on Native warriorship and cultural knowledge-keeping. With 30 plus years of cultural immersion, language and wilderness experience, Buck Hitswithastick offers discussions on the concepts of wisdom, strength, and determination, which have been passed down by generations of his ancestors who overcame adversity. Buck makes this knowledge relatable to modern audiences by speaking on topics of leadership, warriorship and wellness through the lens of pre-European contact Native culture and early reservation history. His presentation, “Bridging the Worlds,” can be adapted to discussions on pre-European contact set-up tool making, Native regalia and dance presentation, Native American “up-cylcling,” and assembly lectures on warriorship and wellbeing centered around the Salish medicine wheel.

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