Institute on Collaborative Language Research (CoLang 2022)


ALI Auditorium
Education Building, University of Montana, 32 Campus Dr, Missoula, MT 59812




Jun 24 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm



Institute on Collaborative Language Research (CoLang 2022)

Special public events will occur during CoLang 2022, co-hosted by the University of Montana Linguistics Program and Chief Dull Knife College. One talk will be held each day of the event (6/13-6/24) from 1-2pm at the ALI Auditorium at the College of Education. The talks will be audio and video recorded and made available for view via ScholarWorks at the Mansfield Library.

6/13: Mr. Chaney Bell (Salish Cultural Committee, MT) & Ms. Melanie Sandoval (Salish Kootenai College, MT), “Community Efforts on Language Revitalization”

6/14: Dr. Teresa McCarty (UCLA), “Culturally responsive, sustaining, and revitalizing pedagogies”

6/15: Dr. Makha Blu Wakpa (Cheyenne River Sioux), “Language and Health”

6/16: Dr. Emma Asonye (University of New Mexico), “Indigenous Nigerian Sign Languages”

6/17: Mr. Kevin Martens Wong (Kristang in Singapore), “Kristang Revitalization”

6/20: Dr. Sean Chandler (Aaniih Nakoda College), “Aaniih Language Documentation and Revitalization”

6/21: Dr. Melanie McKay-Cody (Cherokee, OK; University of Arizona), “Indigenous Sign Language”

6/22: Dr. Lise Dobrin (University of Virginia), “The Story of Hebrew Revival, Starting with a Beleaguered Diasporic Minority and Ending with a Dance Party”

6/23: Dr. Joe Durpis (Klamath, OR; University of Colorado), “Collaborative Revitalization of Klamath”

6/24: Dr. Wesley Leonard (Myaamia, OH; Riverside, CA), “Language Reclamation”

The event is finished.