Judith Shadow's Event Center




Apr 25 2024


8:30 am - 9:30 am




We all know what the building blocks are to a balanced diet: Fill your plate with mostly protein, veggies and grains. Eat sweets sparingly. As Americans near spending on average more than 7 hours a day on screens, Cowgill encourages us to all approach our media diet in the same way we approach our actual diets, asking, “What if we put as much thought into what we put into our minds as what we put into our mouths?” In this interactive talk on media literacy and journalism, Cowgill helps us evaluate and build our own balance of media consumption, assessing what types of media are packed with education, information, public service and connection, filling us up with “newstrition,” and which ones are the equivalent of gummy bears and cheesy puffs – that is to say, tasty and fine in moderation, but not something you want to consume all day, every day. Cowgill also offers tips and strategies for evaluating news sources with an eye on spotting bias, misinformation and disinformation (and why those are all different), as well as how to find sources that stick to a “meat and potatoes” approach to news coverage.


The event is finished.