Salish Cedar Bark Baskets – Aspen & Cameron Decker


Ninepipes Museum of Early Montana
69316 US-93, Charlo, MT 59824




Jun 11 2023


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Salish Cedar Bark Baskets – Aspen & Cameron Decker

A̓stqʷ: Salish Cedar Bark Baskets incorporates Salish Language, Plains Indian Sign Language, and cedar bark basket making to discuss Salish cultural identity and values. This presentation teaches holistic Indigenous understandings about native plants, and connection with the land and local ecosystems. Aspen and Cameron Decker focus on creating traditional folded cedar bark baskets as a tool to create an appropriate, authentic, and engaging course on regional native culture. This presentation was developed as an Indian Education for All program to meet the needs of teachers throughout the state of Montana.

During the course of A̓stqʷ: Salish Cedar Bark Baskets, Aspen and Cameron Decker speak about the process of making the basket, the issues that it brings up in regards to making the object (environment, sustainability, culture), and what that reveals about the place we are in as contemporary Native American people. This presentation also introduces the science behind both basket making and cedar bark as a material, as well as various contemporary Native American artists who influence the work of Aspen and Cameron Decker. Together both speakers incorporate and speak Salish Language and Plains Sign Language associated with the making of the basket with students, during their program.

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