Storytelling: The Power to Connect Our World – Lailani Upham


First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park




Oct 08 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Combined: in-person and/or online

Storytelling: The Power to Connect Our World – Lailani Upham

Program Description

Using her experience working on the documentary film projects The Sixty-Four Flood and The Blackfeet Flood, Lailani Upham leads participants through a discussion on the creative and healing process of storytelling. In the films, survivors on the Blackfeet Reservation told firsthand, historical accounts nearly 50 years after a tragic flood took lives and homes in the worst natural disaster in Montana history. Upham discusses how the documentary story connected our world. The conversation may explore questions like, How are we connected or divided? How do our stories build understanding and human connection? We all have a story that can change our worldviews and bridge a relationship for future generations. This program will offer engaging discussion on untold stories and understandings.

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