UFOs and Extraterrestrials in Montana


Makoshika State Park
Makoshika State Park, Hiatt Amphitheater, 1301 Snyder Ave, Glendive, MT




Jul 30 2021


8:45 pm - 9:30 pm



UFOs and Extraterrestrials in Montana


Montana is home to some of the most significant, well-documented and interesting UFO reports in the history of ufology.

In 1950, two spinning disks flew over Great Falls, Montana, and were filmed on a hand-held camera. Today, those “flying saucers” in the now-famous “Montana Movie” still defy conventional explanation.

In the 1960s, UFOs were reported at Minuteman missile silos in Montana. In separate incidents, while a UFO was overhead, armed and ready nuclear missiles were suddenly deactivated as missile launch officers watched helplessly. The U.S. Air Force ordered these men never to tell anyone what happened.

At the Makoshika State Park Hiatt Ampitheater in Glendive, Montana, Joan Bird provides a short course in UFO literacy, using these Montana events and others, including reported contact with extraterrestrials, to illustrate different aspects of the phenomenon. Drawing on recently declassified government documents, historic reports, and first-hand interviews, Ph.D. zoologist and author Joan Bird presents a compelling case that UFOs are real, have frequented Montana’s Big Sky, and have landed in the state. Audience members are invited to share their own experiences or their family’s stories.

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