Film + Video Grants

Multi-Year Film + Video Projects

Film + Video grants award $8,000 -$10,000. The application deadline is August 20 each year.

The Film + Video grants support multi-year media projects with broad distribution goals. Humanities Montana funds media projects that work to engage Montanans in meaningful discussion about the human condition and enrich civic discourse among the state’s diverse cultures and across its geographical distances.

Humanities Montana only awards film + video grants to organizations, not individuals.

Grant Application Webinar

Interested applicants for the August 20, 2023 deadline can learn more by watching our informational webinar.

Film + Video Grants support:

Research & Script Writing
Editing & Distribution
Your Ideas

How to Apply

Step 2


Call the Grants Manager at (406) 243-6067 to check on the eligibility of your project. Humanities Montana staff can help you develop the strongest application possible.

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