In Memoriam: Connie Daugherty

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We are sad to report Connie Daugherty passed away on May 26. Montana and her hometown of Butte are the poorer for it. Connie served on the board of Humanities Montana from 2013-18 and shared her unique gifts: deep love for reading and writing; belief in the power of humanities to make lives better; and commitment to the well-being of board and staff members. Connie took special pleasure in sharing that love for literature in her many articles for Montana Senior News. It was always a treat for humanities presenters to see her in the audience, for she brought intelligence and warmth to those occasions. Her smile and laugh were infectious. She took up academic studies later in life after her children were grown, and so it is no surprise she held a deep affection for older learners. Her obituary says it best: “Connie was there for anyone who needed her. She was generous with her time, made everyone feel special, and made things better wherever she went.” You can read much more about her full and fulfilling life here. Rest in peace, dear friend.