Park Revitalization and Connection to Dakota/Nakoda Culture: Poplar, MT

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A significant highlight of their project this year was a dedicated workday event, where teens cleaned and beautified the park’s most visible section

At the James E. Shanley Tribal Library at Fort Peck Community College Democracy Project teens are engaged in a transformative initiative aimed at revitalizing “the Boulevard,” a well-known park within their community. Working with the Fort Peck Tribal Council, their efforts are segmented into various phases: initial planning and design, restoration tasks, encouraging community involvement, and subsequent maintenance to ensure the park’s sustained rejuvenation. The goal of their project is not only to refurbish the physical landscape but also to improve leadership qualities among the youth, deepen their ties to their Dakota/Nakoda culture, and bring awareness to environmental consciousness. The teens hope to develop stronger community relationships and resilience by working to establish local partnerships, promoting a sense of environmental guardianship and cultural conservation for the lifelong health of current and future community members.