Think & Drink

Conversations about Big Ideas

Expert panelists and regular people talk about provocative ideas—over a drink.

We’ve all had deep discussions with our friends while we’re out at night—why not add a couple of experts to the mix and really take it up a notch? Think & Drink invites people to participate in a facilitated conversation with public intellectuals who have expertise in the subject at hand. The idea isn’t to create consensus but, rather, to have an open interplay of viewpoints and perspectives.

Typically, a Think & Drink event has a few components:


A brewery, cafe, tasting room, or theater that wants to be an active partner.

Experts, artists, and activists

Experts, artists, and activists from a variety of disciplines to participate and moderate the discussion.

Conversation Topic

Provocative topics and new ideas.

Active Audience

A strong emphasis on audience participation.

Past events tackled topics like income inequality, refugee resettlement, defining and discussing fake news, environmental philosophy and biomimicry, and creativity for multiple intelligence types. Our goal is to bring in interesting and timely topics for people to talk about in a fun and thoughtful space. To co-sponsor a Think & Drink at your venue, or to help set up a program in your town, call or email John Knight at (406) 243-6022 or