Board Resolution Recognizing the Service of Kim Anderson

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At its May board meeting, the Humanities Montana board of directors congratulated Kim Anderson on her upcoming retirement from Humanities Montana on June 30, 2022. Board members presented Kim with meaningful “icons” representing her service to the organization and the state. On May 21, 2022, the board unanimously passed the following resolution in honor of Kim:

Whereas the mission of Humanities Montana is to serve communities through stories and conversation;

Whereas Kim Anderson has filled many roles at Humanities Montana including Montana Festival of the Book Director, Program Officer, Interim Executive Director, and Director of Programs and Grants;

Whereas Kim Anderson enriched the literary and cultural life of the state by directing the Montana Festival of the Book for 15 years;

Whereas with Kim Anderson’s leadership, Humanities Montana was able to quickly and efficiently distribute $970,275 in relief grants to support the state’s humanities infrastructure during the Covid-19 pandemic;

Whereas Kim Anderson’s humanities knowledge and expertise have guided Humanities Montana programs and grantmaking for over two decades; now, therefore, be it

Resolved that the Humanities Montana Board of Directors recognizes Kim Anderson for 23 years of outstanding service and commitment to Humanities Montana and its public humanities mission.

Humanities Montana Board of Directors
May 21, 2022
Carla Homstad, Chair
David Dietrich, Vice Chair