Celebrating 50 Years Together

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1. 1972 Montana Committee for the Humanities
2. “Recession and Rural Cultures” conference, Havre, February 22- 23, 1975
3. “White Clay People’s Language Conference”, Hays, 1977
4. William Hjortsberg, Tom Orton and Bill Kittredge
5. Missoula Literature Conference, “A Sense of Place”, Missoula, 1975
6. 2nd Annual Montana History Conference, Helena, 1975
7. “White Clay People’s Language Conference”, Hays, 1977
8. Montana Committee for the Humanities meeting
9. 1987 Montana Committee for the Humanities meeting
10. Congressional Breakfast, Washington D.C., 1988
11. Montana Committee for the Humanities Committee, Helena, 1991
12. Montana Committee for the Humanities, late 1990’s
13. Humanities Montana Festival of the Book, Missoula, 2002
14. Humanities Montana Festival of the Book, Missoula, 2005
15. Children’s Festival of the Book, Bozeman, 2012
16. Gather Round, Choteau, 2022

Archives and Special Collections, Mansfield Library, University of Montana

Image Identification

Match the number and title to the tab below to find out who was photographed in each image.

Front row, seated, left to right:

Bruce R. Sievers, Executive Director, MCH; Flora Willett, English Professor, Eastern Montana College, Billings; Alma Jacobs, Director of the State Library, Helena; Joseph Ward taught at Carroll, English department

Second row, standing, left to right:

Lee Hargesheimer, Secretary, MCH, Missoula; Robert Pantzer, President, University of Montana and Chairman, Missoula; Roy Huffman, Vice President for Research, Montana State University, Bozeman; Bradley Parrish, attorney, Lewistown; Pierce C. Mullen, History and Philosophy Department, Montana State University, Bozeman; Harold G. Stearns, Chair, Montana 1776 Bicentennial Commission, Helena

Third row, standing, left to right:
Earl J. Barlow, Superintendent of Schools, Browning; Dave Drum, businessman, Billings; John Vandewetering, History Department, University of Montana, Missoula; William Mackay, Jr., Lazy EL Ranch, Roscoe

Front row, seated, left to right:
Percy DeWolfe, former State Senator; Merle Lucan, State Indian Affairs Coordinator; Curley Bear Anderson, Director of Manpower for Urban Indians; Vernon Bellecourt, American Indian Movement; Floyd Westerman, folksinger

Standing, left to right:
Prof. Tom Power, Economics, University of Montana; Prof. Richard Vanderpool, Political Science, Northern Montana College; Prof. Bill Thackeray, Humanities, Northern Montana College; Bernie MorningGun, Montana American Indian Movement; Warren Matte, Director, Highline Indian Alliance; Greg Heming, Hill County Community Action Program

Left to right:

Joe White Cow and George Bird Tail

William Hjortsberg, Tom Orton and Bill Kittredge

Left to right:

Jane Bailey and Ishmael Reed

Left to right:

unknown; George P. Horse Capture; Dr. Joseph H. Cash

Pat Bear with video camera and Sandy Segal with 35mm

Left to right:

Joe Sample;

Left to right:

Jeanie Eder and David Muller

Left to Right:

Susan Heyneman, MCH Chair; Congressman Ron Marlenee’s LA; Ron Perrin, Federation of State Humanities Councils; Margaret Kingsland, MCH Executive Director

Left to right standing:

Michael Beehler, David Karnos, Larry Kravik, Bruce Toole, Ron Bibler, David Walter, Lee Rostad, Rosemary Aus, Paul Monaco, Ken Egan, Tim Bernardis, Judy Browning


Bill Chaloupka, Sar McClernan, Margaret Kingsland, John Opitz, Walter Fleming

Top left to right:

Camas Creek shop at Jock and Jamie Doggett’s home in White Sulphur Springs

Fred Gilliard, Fred Skinner, Germaine White

Hal Stearns, Jr, Bonnie Bowler

Tom Elliot, Tim Lehman, Arla Jeanne Murray

Henry Gonshak, Bill Bevis, Mark Sherouse, Stephen Fenter, Valerie Gager, Janet McMillan, Eileen Sansom, Robert Poore

Jennifer Jeffries Thompson, Kay Chafey, Jamie Doggett and her dog Sage, Yvonne Gritzner

Left to right:

William Marcus and David Quammen

Debra Magpie Earling, Judy Blunt, Mary Clearman Blew

Lailani Upham

Paul O. Zelinsky