Democracy Project for Library Staff

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In partnership with the Montana State Library, Lowell Jaeger, Julie Edwards, and Humanities Montana staff will facilitate a series of Democracy Project workshops beginning in January. The workshops are designed so that librarians and library staff can experience the course of a Democracy Project they might host for teens in their libraries—from civic reflection to research, action, and public showcase. 

Session 1: Civic Reflection

Participants use a short text to prompt a discussion about democracy, then examine how the discussion was structured, how to plan their own civic reflection sessions, and how to use Humanities Montana resources to introduce programs like this in their own library.

Session 2: From Reflection to Research

Participants choose a statewide civic project to work on over the course of the remaining weeks. The project might be advocacy resources for libraries, a podcast series on the best books about American democracy, or other creative ideas. 

Session 3: Taking Action

Outside partners related to the chosen project—state representatives, historians focused on American democracy, voter registration leaders, or community organizers with different backgrounds—join this session to help make the project real. 

Session 4: Bringing Back Results

Participants talk about the Democracy Project process and discuss the next steps they might take, including how to make a nonpartisan space in their library for patrons to work together and celebrate results.

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