Every Woman Has a Story

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“As someone from a small town in Montana, the public library was the center of my universe,” says Richard Fifield, editor of the new anthology We Leave the Flowers Where They Are. “Humanities Montana brings such fabulous, interesting speakers to libraries all across the state, and I hope there are more kids just like me, who can have their worlds expanded through your programs.”

We Leave the Flowers Where They Are is a collection of 41 unforgettable memoirs by Montana women. Richard selected Humanities Montana to receive a portion of the proceeds, which will go directly toward creating and providing new programs on women’s issues, storytelling, and more.

“The book,” adds Richard, “has transcended from a paperback into a project of empowerment.” As part of the book’s launch, its contributing writers are visiting public libraries across the state and partnering with advocacy groups who raise awareness about local resources for women. Selected writers from the anthology will also be added to our Montana Conversations program catalog in October.

We Leave the Flowers Where They Are will be featured as part of the Humanities Montana-supported Montana Book Festival. For more information about those events or to purchase a copy of the book, visit here.