Fundraising for Greenspace: Bozeman, MT

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Spotlight on Gallatin High School Democracy Project

Gallatin H.S. students presenting their project to the Gallatin Valley Conservation District Board of Directors.

According to their vision statement, Democracy Project teens at Gallatin High School in Bozeman are “creating a multipurpose green space for the benefit of our school and surrounding communities. The space will be created using native plants and environmentally-friendly landscaping, which strengthens the local ecosystem.”

As students work on their Democracy Project, we have observed several unexpected benefits. For one, they are forging new friendships with classmates they previously didn’t know. Additionally, by collaborating with community and business members, they are honing their public speaking and presentation skills while also gaining knowledge of business concepts such as supply and demand, target markets, and budgeting. Furthermore, they have had the opportunity to engage with business owners, who have offered them insights into careers they hadn’t previously considered, like architectural landscaping.”

— Gallatin High School librarian