Jodi Todd

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To Jodi Todd, Humanities Montana’s staff accountant, the humanities are about developing greater depths of empathy and compassion for others by understanding our own humanity. Over the last 30 years she has worked in a variety of public and private accounting departments. She joined HM in September 2019 looking for a new way to use her skills. She says, “It is rewarding to have an active role in an organization that brings humanities programming to our Montana communities,” and HM is grateful for her financial expertise, attention to detail, accuracy, and efficiency.

When she is not diligently maintaining HM’s finances, Jodi is busy adventuring in Montana’s great outdoors with her family. She became an avid backpacking enthusiast after completing her first backpacking trip at age 50, hiking roughly 20 miles over the course of three days. Now she and her son spend one weekend each year backpacking to a new destination.

Jodi is intrigued by the history of women at the turn of the twentieth century and recently loved reading Grace Coolidge and Her Era: Story of a President’s Wife by Ishbel Ross.

“I love history and reading about women in history.  Especially those women who often were not in the spotlight, but subtly left a foot print in our culture,” says Jodi. “Grace was brilliant and educated. She was a graduate of the University of Vermont in a time when many women had no education beyond grade school. She taught and was an advocate for the blind.”

If she could live at any time in the past, present, or future, Jodi says, “I would like to live in a much simpler time.  The women of the late 1800s and the early 1900s are intriguing to me and I would have liked to have had the opportunity to live then, experience their culture, and have the opportunity to pursue an education as a woman during that time period.”