March 2024 Program News

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Fifty-Six Counties: A Montana Story

Montana Conversation Presenter Russell Rowland

Humanities Montana welcomes Russell Rowland to the Montana Conversations speaker’s bureau! Russell’s program, “Fifty-Six Counties: A Montana Story,” chronicles his travels to each county in Montana and recalls his interviews with Montanans from every walk of life.

Russell Rowland was born in Bozeman and spent most of his childhood in Montana, where his grandparents were original homesteaders. As a young adult, Rowland left the state and spent 25 years living in many different parts of the country. During this time, he developed a strong sense of what he missed about Montana. Russell returned to the state with a greater appreciation of the best parts of Montana. In 2016, Rowland published “Fifty-Six Counties: A Montana Journey,” based on his travels throughout Montana. He hosts a similarly titled radio show on Yellowstone Public Radio.

Montana Conversations at Rural Libraries

The Geraldine Branch Library in Geraldine, Montana

The Geraldine Branch Library In Chouteau County booked their first Montana Conversations program: Speaker Lowell Jaeger visited the library in February to present his program, “The Art of Meaningful Conversation.”

In his presentation, Lowell uses stimulating short pieces of literature to generate lively, thoughtful, and engaging conversations concerning topics important to the everyday lives of Montanans.

Reflecting on the program, Geraldine Branch Library director Sami Jo Summers noted, “Many people have also expressed how they felt the conversation was very respectful of everyone in the room and brought forth insight many people did not have before with their local community members.”

We thank the Geraldine Branch Library for booking their first Montana Conversations program and are grateful to Lowell for visiting the Geraldine community!