A Mother’s Journey: The Life of Lucy Meriwether Lewis Marks

Program Description

The story of Thomas Jefferson’s Corps of Discovery is engrained in the history of our nation and essential to our understanding of the past.  The story of Lucy Meriwether Lewis Marks—the mother of Meriwether Lewis—remains unknown, yet it offers critical insight into our understanding of the intrepid explorer.  A woman both of her times and ahead of her times, Lucy was determined to fulfill the role expected of upper-class women at the turn of the 19th century while remaining independent and dedicated to her own pursuits. She managed a large plantation household, which included dozens of enslaved people, and followed her passion for healing and the natural world, all while remaining fiercely devoted to her son. Historic interpreter Mary Jane Bradbury unveils the story of this remarkable woman and the indelible impact she had on one of the key players in the formation of the United States.

Presenter Bio

Mary Jane Bradbury is an historic interpreter and scholar who brings history to life for audiences of all ages. She is an artist in residence for the CM Russell Museum in Great Falls and the Montana Historical Society in Helena.


Mary Jane Bradbury
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