Do We Know Our Fellow Americans?

Program Description

Travel abroad and you might wonder, “Why is the whole world interested in America?” But ask a foreigner and they’d say, “Why isn’t America interested in the rest of the world?” When they hear that Dr. Masood is from Pakistan, strangers often offer sympathy or ask whether she lived close to Syria. Pakistan, even after more than six decades of its existence, remains an enigma to the world. Dr. Masood teaches her audience about the real Pakistan she knows: Pakistani cricket, the spicy food, the resilience of people, the sheer beauty of the country, the warm and fabulous hospitality of Pakistanis. The United States is becoming increasingly diverse. By learning about various ethnic identities we can change negative ethnic group stereotypes, reduce intolerance, and enhance cooperation for the common good. Dr. Masood’s background in psychology make her the perfect person to lead an open, welcoming discussion that invites questions and increases understanding.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Ambrin Masood is an Assistant Professor for the Department of Rehabilitation and Human Services at Montana State University Billings with a License in Mental Health Counseling. Dr. Masood earned her Ph.D. in School Psychology from a CACREP accredited Counselor Education Program from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. She also earned an MS in Experimental Psychology for the University of South Alabama, in Mobile, Alabama. She has worked with mentally and physically disabled youth and adults for three years as their Behavior Counselor and Program Director, where she developed, implemented and supervised their behavior management plans (1998 – 2002). During this time, she also worked with children on autism spectrum, counseling their parents and consulting with their teachers. In Islamabad, Pakistan (1991 – 1995) she worked as a Crisis Counselor for Rape and Domestic Violence Victims, BEDARI a Non-profit-organization, Assistant Speech Therapist and Counselor for children with special needs and as a Counselor in the Oncology and pediatric wards for the terminal patients.


Ambrin F. Masood, PhD
Assistant Professor of Counseling and Rehabilitation at MSU Billings