Living With the Land

Program Description

Louise Ogemahgeshig Fischer is Anishinaabe Indian. The presentation is named “Living with the Land”. The words mean more than the universe… more than the earth and skies…. “Living with the Land” covers medicinal plants and their uses, Indian History, ways of life, hunting, fishing, foods, clothing, gatherings, stars, storytelling, Indian games and so much more. This talk is an exciting look into the past, as artifacts are brought into the audience’s view. Louise sings an Indian song now and then, and has lived in the old ways. “Living with the Land” can be focused on one subject at your request or designed to suit your needs.

Presenter Bio

Louise has been a speaker for Humanities Montana for many years, traveling to many parks, museums, schools and other places throughout the state. She is an artist and a drum maker. She also leads sweat lodge ceremonies and talking circles for the VA at Fort Harrison, helping out the PTSD Veterans. Louise has traveled to many states to do sweat lodge ceremonies for the Veterans, the VA staff, Tribes and other groups (in the past these ceremonies and other like ceremonies were not allowed. Since then, laws were passed to ensure that Indian people could do these types of ceremonies). For an exciting adventure into the past, present and future.


Louise Ogemahgeshig Fischer
Annishinaabe artist and cultural consultant
(406) 475-3259