SHARP Grantee Spotlight

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Can you give a brief history of your organization?

The Extreme History Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making history accessible to the public. The Project encompasses a variety of programs and events that enhance the public’s understanding of the ways in which history has shaped our present and how understanding that legacy can affect how we behave toward one another. The Extreme History Project was founded in 2009 by Marsha Fulton and Crystal Alegria. It began as an organization to house their research on the first Crow Indian Agency, Fort Parker, but quickly grew to encompass a much larger vision of public history. The mission of Extreme History is to make history relevant, and this is done through a popular lecture series, a historic walking tour program, and a podcast called The Dirt on the Past. The organization resides within a historic building in downtown Bozeman where they have exhibit space, host book readings and workshops, and house a used book shop that features curated books on history, both fiction and nonfiction.

Do you have an example of a program that exemplifies your organization’s mission or work?

The Extreme History Project’s weekly podcast, The Dirt on the Past, is a great example of how Extreme History makes history relevant. The podcast showcases professionals working in the fields of history, archaeology, and anthropology and discusses their research and why it matters today.

How do you intend to use the SHARP Grant?

As an organization with public programming as our focus, Extreme History was greatly impacted by COVID and the loss of revenue from our programs, events, and fundraisers. We will use this funding to support operational costs.

How did you learn about Humanities Montana, and why did you choose to apply for a grant with us?

Humanities Montana has been a friend to The Extreme History Project since our inception. We have enjoyed a long relationship and value their commitment to the humanities throughout Montana. Humanities Montana is such an important organization for nonprofits both big and small throughout the state. The dedication to the humanities and support of Montana nonprofit organizations is extremely valuable, especially to small organizations like Extreme History. Without Humanities Montana, small organizations like Extreme History would have disappeared during COVID. We thank you for your continued support and your determination to sustain and bolster the humanities in Montana.

More information about The Extreme History Project can be found at their website.