Weight Room Refresh and Healthy Snacks: Wibaux, MT

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Spotlight on Wibaux High School

Weight Room Refurbishment Begins

Wibaux High School’s Democracy Project team is in full swing with their first project — a refurbishment of their weight rooms, a space in the school that is used by visiting teams from across the state. The teens identified a need for cleaning and upgrades to present their school in a positive light to visitors. The team has removed old metal lockers and repainted the space, and they are researching the purchase of a new leg-press machine. Teens presented their plan to Superintendent Begger and received approval before beginning work.

This is the first of two projects the team plans for the 2023–24 school year. The second project will install a new vending machine with healthful, affordable snacks for students. Democracy Project librarian Sandra Harrison estimates that between the two projects, the Democracy Project will have touched all 36 students in the school. Many staff members and teachers have pitched, in including the home economics teacher, the agriculture education teacher, and the physical education teacher.

It feels good to make a difference in bettering our school. It’s great to see the transformation of the weight room and seeing students and visitors enjoying it more. I’m excited for our vending machine to arrive and to see our school community using it.”  — Wibaux High School junior