December 2023 Program News

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Chris La Tray, Montana State Poet Laureate, visits students and communities across Montana

Humanities Montana speaker and 2023-2025 Montana Poet Laureate Chris La Tray has been traveling across Montana sharing his two programs, “Montana’s Poet Laureate” and “The Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians: Métis Buffalo Hunters of the Northern Plains”. His programs are available to schools, libraries, museums and community organizations across the state. To book one of Chris’ programs visit the “how to book a program” link Humanities Montana’s programs webpage!

The Democracy Project welcomes the Wooden Legs Library!

Humanities Montana welcomes the Wooden Legs Library at Chief Dull Knife Community College in Lame Deer, Montana, to this year’s Democracy Project program group! Participating in year three are 10 libraries from across Montana. Please visit The Democracy Project to learn more about how teens in your community can participate with the program!

Humanities Montana speakers meet with Democracy Project teens

Across Montana, teens participating with The Democracy Project have been working with their local libraries to book Humanities Montana speakers. As part of the program year, teens work on a project to effect change, preserve history and culture, or meet a need in their respective communities. The goal of the program is for teens to better know their role in an evolving democracy through direct civic participation. For the third year of The Democracy Project, speaker Tahj Kjelland has met with teens at eight libraries to help mind-map their ideas for their final civic projects. Tahj’s program is also free and available to students across Montana through our Speakers in the School’s speaker’s bureau. Visit Tahj’s Express to Speak program page to learn more!