Foundations of English – Dave Caserio & Bill Kamowski


Rocky Mountain College
Billings MT




Oct 12 2022


9:20 am



Foundations of English – Dave Caserio & Bill Kamowski

This dramatic, interactive, and sometimes comic presentation traces the progression of the English language from Old English, or Anglo-Saxon, through Middle English, up to Elizabethan English in original pronunciation. From William Langland to William Shakespeare, from the Beowulf poet to Geoffrey Chaucer, from the Canterbury Tales to Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the story of English comes alive through its poems, riddles, comedies, and tragedies. From the ribald to the elegiac, from supernatural villains to star-crossed lovers, Kamowski and Caserio demonstrate that what is old is new. That the myths and archetypes found in our early literature have their modern counterparts in video games, books, and movies and that the evolution of the English language is a continual story of delight and discovery.

Location: Bair Science Building, Room 106

The event is finished.