Beneath the Medicine Line: a Northern Montana History Before 1889

Program Description

Journey back in time to discover some of Montana’s lesser-known tales and the people who made them possible. Though often overlooked in the retelling of our state’s history, Montana’s Northern frontier is a place rich with stories and a colorful cast of characters to go along with them. From people navigating fast-changing worlds known since time-immemorial, newcomers pushing boundaries, and then setting those boundaries in stone, the diverse people that shaped Northern Montana have left a sometimes-complicated legacy, but one worth remembering today. The purpose of this presentation is to present a broad look at a span of time and place in Montana History, with the intent to spark interest and curiosity in learning more. During this presentation, we will discuss the following questions:

  1. How do we define the boundaries of what we call “home”?
  2. What legacies will our boundaries (personal, national, theoretical, etc.) leave those who come after us?
  3. How might these boundaries change?

Presenter Bio

Austin Haney has had a passion for sharing stories of his home since he was little, fostered by a history-loving grandfather who took him to every historical site they could visit. Austin loves Montana like nowhere else, and believes that Montana has some of the most poignant and powerful stories to share with the world. Austin has volunteered with historical organizations from a young age, and knew early on what he wanted to do in life. He has since worked in public history interpretation for a career; working for a variety of private, state, and federal institutions like the Blaine County Museum, Lewis and Clark Foundation, US Forest Service, or the US National Park Service.


Austin Haney