Film & Philosophy

Program Description

Philosophy is everywhere. Films are no exception. Within each frame lie ideas, questions, and values – all of which offer unique opportunities for reflection and discussion. Designed as a collaborative pre-film or post-film conversation that takes place in a theater or similar setting, this program offers community
members a chance to watch a film and explore its philosophical ideas together.

LOGISTICS: Contracting parties select and show the film; I design and facilitate the in-person discussion around that. Specific content explored is flexible as it is uniquely adapted to and inspired by both the film itself and the community members.

NOTE: If there are specific themes/topics within a film that you would like to highlight, I will work with you ahead of time to identify these as your desired focal points, and structure the conversation in such a way so as to keep these at the core.

Presenter Bio

Marisa Diaz-Waian is the founder and director of Merlin CCC, a community philosophy non-profit based out of Helena, MT and Chair of the Education Committee for the Philosophy Learning & Teaching Organization. A generalist by nature, training, and practice, she sees philosophy as “hands-in-dirt” activity that is meant to be lived. Her work focuses on philosophy in the community, frequently with an interdisciplinary, environmental, and intergenerational bent.


Marisa Diaz-Waian
Philosopher & Founder/Director Merlin CCC
(406) 439-5788