Preserving Montana’s Oral Histories and Traditions

Program Description

Preserving Montana’s Oral Histories and Traditions program trains interested participants on how to interview, collect and archive oral histories in their communities. Candi Zion who is the author of “Winifred Oral History Project”, “In Between People: The Metis of Central Montana” and “Walkin’ Down the Middle: The Hi-Line Metis”, teaches program attendees to how to conduct interviews in their communities, for future generations. From picking subject matter, finding interviewees, knowing the correct questions to ask, and transcribing interviews, Preserving Montana’s Oral Histories and Traditions looks to give community members across Montana the tools and confidence to preserve their local history.

Presenter Bio

Candi Zion is a 3rd generation Montanan influenced by her dad, Scotty Zion, who was a son of homesteaders and passionate about history. He wrote several books which highlight his personal life stories growing up as a poor farm kid to developing the largest statewide house moving business in Montana. Candi went on to higher education receiving an Honors Degree from Barrett College, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State University as well as a Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation from the same educational institution. She worked as the Missoula Historic Preservation Officer, managed the historic facilities program for the Navajo Nation Historic Preservation Department, and as an independent consultant documented and surveyed numerous neighborhoods and historic buildings. Candi currently conducts cultural resource surveys and oral interviews with CZ Consulting. She continues to promote the history of Montana by serving on the Board of Trustees for the Montana Historical Society.


Candi Zion