Song of the Dawn Priests: A History of the Crow People

Program Description

The history of the Crow People is closely tied to the Montana, Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan landscape. Franco Littlelight shares this history through storytelling, song, poetry, music, and images. Using oral traditions, anthropology research, and archaeological perspectives the origin story of the Crow People unfolds from the mythic wellspring to the separation from the Sioux and Hidatsa, from life along the Yellowstone to the heartbreaking separation from the Yellowstone valley marking the end of the Buffalo Days.

Presenter Bio

Franco Littlelight, artist, musician, singer, composer, poet, and story-teller, is one of few and last truly traditional American Indians. Considered a voice for the Crow People, he is asked to speak on behalf of many in a traditional way.


Franco Littlelight
Artist, storyteller
(406) 623-0279