Where Memory and Imagination Meet

Program Description

Stories connect us. We are born into the world already imprinted with stories—where we’re from, our forebears, our family situation—and we move forward into our lives while shaping our own stories and, perhaps, setting down a storyline for those who will follow us. Join novelist Craig Lancaster (600 Hours of EdwardAnd It Will Be a Beautiful Life) for a discussion about the power of memory, the transformative agent of imagination, and how those two things, in concert, can fuel lives of creativity, civic engagement, and understanding and help establish common ground.

Presenter Bio

Craig Lancaster is an author of 10 published novels and a collection of short stories, work that has won two High Plains Book Awards, made bestseller lists, and been translated widely. He is also a playwright. In a former professional life, Craig was a journalist, and in his current professional iteration, he is a research analyst with a primary interest in money movement, technology, and financial inclusion. All of which is to say that connectedness and creativity have been at the forefront of Craig’s personal and professional pursuits for as long as he has had them.


Craig Lancaster