Dark Skies: Light Pollution and the Story of Montana’s Night Skies

Program Description

The night sky has inspired generations of humanity to tell stories — some about heroes and adventures, others about life ways or the movements of seasons and animals. Today we find ourselves in a world in which dark skies are increasingly rare, especially in urban areas, due to the growing prevalence of light pollution. Join DarkSky Advocate Sabre Moore, to learn about the history and culture of the DarkSky movement and the effects of light pollution on human, animal and environmental health. Along the way, audiences will hear about night sky stories, gain an understanding of Montana’s Dark Sky Places, including Medicine Rocks State Park, and how they can measure light pollution by phone, and join global citizen science efforts.

Presenter Bio

Sabre Moore grew up on her family’s sheep and cattle ranch outside Douglas, Wyoming and is the Executive Director of the Carter County Museum in Ekalaka, Montana. She received her Ph.D. in American Studies at Montana State University in 2023, her M.A. in Museum Studies & Nonprofit Management from Johns Hopkins University in 2016, and her B.A. in History from Montana State University in 2013. Her research focuses on museums and rural community vitality, and how power is exercised in practices of place. Sabre is the President of the Museums Association of Montana, Chair of Visit Southeast Montana, serves on the Montana Governor’s Tourism Advisory Council and is on the Board of Directors for Starry Skies Montana and Carter County Chamber of Commerce. She is also an EMT for Dahl Memorial Healthcare Ambulance and a Site Steward for Medicine Rocks State Park and the Bureau of Land Management in Carter County, Montana.


Sabre Moore