Living Wild and Domestic

Program Description

The greatest challenge humanity faces is to live on a piece of land without spoiling it. Today, we face unprecedented environmental challenges and an uncertain future. Drawing on biology, sociology, psychology, history, and philosophy, Baumeister encourages us to think about our relationship with the land and to (re)discover what it means to be in relations with others. This presentation focuses on Montana as a place and tells a story of how we conserved this land as one of the wildest places on earth and what it will take to keep it this way. The presentation is structured in the format of a ‘great conversation’ using the Socratic method of inquiry to engage participants.

Presenter Bio

Thomas Baumeister recently retired from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and now runs Access WILD, an adventure and llama trekking business in Yellowstone National Park and other places. He teaches at both Carroll College and Arizona State University, and is involved with numerous NGOs aimed at keeping Montana the special place it is today.


Thomas Baumeister
Owner Access WILD, instructor at Carroll College and Arizona State University
(406) 431-4326